Tooth Decay Risk Assessment
Did you know that?
  • U.S. adults lose 164+ million hours of work and children lose 51+million hours of school each year due to dental disease.
  • Caries (dental decay) is the most prevalent disease affecting children in the U.S, and it is 100% preventable
  • 400+ commonly used medications can cause decreased saliva flow, which greatly increases your risk of caries
  • Approximately 25% of dental decay is UNTREATED among every age group (ages 2-100)

Assess Your Caries Risk:

1. Do you drink liquids other than water more that two times daily between meals?

3. Do you take medications daily?

5. Do you have visible white or brown spots on your teeth?

7. Do you notice plaque build-up on your teeth between brushings?

9. Do you wear any oral appliances?

11. Do you have a history of radiation therapy or Sjogren's Syndrome?

2. Do you feel like you have a dry mouth at any time of the day or night?

4. Have you had tooth decay and fillings in the past?

6. Do you have any root surface exposure (gum recession)?

8. Do you floss your teeth daily?

10. Do you smoke?

12. Do you have heart burn (esophageal reflux or GURD)?

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