Chronic System Inflammation

Chronic System Inflammation Risk Assessment

1. Is your waistline above 35 inches for women and above 40 inches for men?

3. Do you suffer from unexplainable achy joints or sore muscles?

5. Do you have depleted energy levels, or problems sleeping?

7. Do you have red/puffy/bleeding gums when you brush or floss, or have bad breath?

9. Do you have significant and persistent stress in your life?

11. Do you have diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol/lipid profile?

13. Do you take any medications (prescription or OTC - not including nutritional supplements)?

2. Do you, despite considerable effort have difficulty losing weight?

4. Do you suffer from food sensitivities or GI disturbance such as discomfort, bloating, constipation or diarrhea?

6. Do you have dry, patchy, red or irritated skin, itchy ears or irritated eyes?

8. Do you smoke?

10. Do you have persistent unexplained nasal congestion?

12. Do you suffer from any other chronic disease?

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